In 1981 two sophisticated and ambitious young students were enrolled in their junior year at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.  One of the women was born and raised in New Jersey, but the other was a Brazilian National whose father was Italian American, and whose mother was from, Bahia, Brazil.  The two became instant friends and soon began talking about starting a business selling gemstones.  Being ambitious entrepreneurs, the new partners found they could develop their hobby while also exploring the continent of South America.  While on gem tours and safari in South America they made lifelong connections and expanded on their dream – the dream of becoming jewel importers.

With hard work and determination, in a short time they were successful and proud partners in a wholesale distributorship in the northeast United States and later, world-wide.  As time progressed, the two kept their own personal careers as educator/social worker and educator/playwright.  In 2000, the president of EmeraldandGemstones (the son of one of our founders) decided to take the business one step further – the world-wide web.  His desire was to provide world-class gemstones at wholesale prices to the online shopper. 

This is what we’ve done.  Please enjoy browsing our site and feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

We have a gemstone to fit each and every budget and believe every individual should read about and research jewels and gemstones before making a purchase from anyone.  All of our gemstones are ready to be set by your trusted local jeweler in the setting of your choice.

“I believe you will find every jewel we sell to be an appreciating investment, cherished keepsake, and proudly owned heirloom that will be passed down for many, many generations.”  

Justine, President, EmeraldandGemstones